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Carnation Trial Report

Study Details

Planted Product: Carnation

Location: Antalya

Field Size: 2 da

Trial Area: 1 da

Date of Application: 11.09.2018

BioGas Plus

BioGas; It is a unique organic liquid fertilizer produced by a special process as a result of grinding and suspending organic liquid material and multiple solid organic material mixtures taken from the biogas plant rich in enzymes, in 2 micron size.

Trial Application Stages

On 11.09.2018, Seleda BioGas was applied to the 1-acre trial area of the cucumber greenhouse in Boztepe.

A yield of 638 kg was obtained in the application area.

20-10-20 powder drip fertilizer, amino acid liquid fertilizer, balanced NPK powder drip fertilizer were used in the non-application area.

A difference of more than half emerged in the non-treated area and a yield of 308 kg was obtained.