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The purpose of the emergence of 100% domestic and national SELEDA fertilizer, which has Europe’s largest fertilizer integrated biogas production facility, is to improve the soils of our country, which lack organic matter, and to develop products that enable our farmers to achieve high yields. For this reason, in our integrated facilities established in Babaeski / Kırklareli in 2017 on an area of 250.000 m2; we produce our organic / organomineral granular and liquid fertilizers that are easy to apply for farmers and offer them to the service of Turkish agriculture.

SELEDA Biogas and Fertilizer Integrated Production Facility and all production processes have been implemented with a zero-waste vision and the output generated at each stage is converted into a value-added input. Approximately 1,000 tonnes of organic raw materials of animal and agricultural origin are fermented in SELEDA production facilities every day and converted into clean energy and organic/organomineral fertilizers. Thus, we contribute to the prevention of environmental pollution caused by the irregular release of wastes into nature.
The biogas output obtained as a result of fermentation, which is extremely rich in enzymes and organic matter, is processed in fertilizer production facilities developed by SELEDA Technology with 100% domestic engineering and converted into liquid and granular organic/organomineral fertilizers.

SELEDA has an annual production capacity of 120,000 tonnes of fertilizer. The company continues its activities with the mission of bringing back to Turkish agriculture the soils of our country, which have become barren and lost their fertility as a result of the use of chemical fertilizers, by aiming further every day.



The largest integrated biogas and fertilizer plants in Turkey as our vision; Supporting renewable energy sources and clean energy production, contributing to the development of the country by reducing dependence on energy abroad, spreading conscious agricultural practices with our production of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers and increasing agricultural productivity.

Raising awareness and sensitivity for the protection of the environment and human health by expanding our principle of sustainable agriculture and our environmentally zero waste vision.



The energy industry of our country and the area of ​​needs and expectations of analysis to achieve accurate, scientific and technological developments by carrying out continuous development and investment activities in clean energy and quality fertilizers, ‘Seleda Value’ and guidelines by providing our sustainable light production, should be the leading and pioneering company in Turkey.

Our Values


Trust and Honesty

It is our most fundamental value to build relationships with our business partners and customers on the basis of transparency and honesty, to fulfill our obligations in a timely manner, to be honest and fair to our employees and in all business processes first according to the principle of health and first of the environment to act.


We are aware of our responsibility towards society and the environment, are sensitive to all cultural and ecological differences and would like to raise awareness through training on social awareness and contribute to the social development of our employees.

Continuous Development and Improvement

We support a quality management system approach that serves people in our business processes with the participation of the entire company, by meeting the changing and evolving needs and expectations at the highest level and by making the concepts of continuous development and improvement (the phenomenon) a business culture for all of our employees do.

Active Participation, Collaboration and Teamwork

We take a management approach that gives our employees the opportunity to demonstrate their own talents and abilities, attaches importance to their suggestions and ideas, and encourages their participation in all organizational activities.

We support projects and processes in which every employee shares their knowledge and skills and combines their creative powers and efforts by setting common goals that represent added value for the personal and professional development of our employees.


We want to adapt quickly to technological, ecological and social changes, have a dynamic structure by following the changes and applying them in our processes, improving communication and cooperation, increasing the awareness of personal responsibility and responsibility of all our employees by performing in order to react quickly to market demands.