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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

SELEDA aims to create a safe and healthy working environment in which every employee makes a contribution and appreciates value, meets the requirements for health and safety in the workplace at the highest level, creates a culture of occupational safety and this culture becomes a lifestyle for everyone that forms or accepts the basis of occupational health and safety policy.

We are committed to ensure;

  • To strictly follow the national and international legal provisions and regulations, to take all kinds of measures in accordance with these requirements, to constantly review and review their compliance,

  • Analysis and minimization of health and safety risks that can occur in the work environment with our occupational safety policy based on continuous improvements,

  • Anticipating future risks and taking preventive measures, taking into account the constantly evolving industrial factors, through risk assessments and measures to eliminate or minimize the risks of occupational accidents and diseases,

  • Organization of the necessary training activities for our employees in order to raise awareness of health and safety in the workplace and to make health and safety in the workplace a corporate culture,

  • Seleda is responsible for the health and safety of all contractors and visitors to the workplace. For this reason, studies should be carried out to raise awareness and create a safe working environment with various training programs and information channels.

  • We undertake to set up a sustainable occupational safety management system, set measurable goals, achieve these goals and develop improvement methods.