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Quality Policy

SELEDA adopts the idea of total quality and occupational safety, environment, energy and quality-oriented corporate sustainability to become a corporate culture, adoption and awareness among leaders and employees as the basis of its quality policy.

We are committed to ensure;

  • Informing and empowering employees and improving all processes through teamwork​

  • Keeping employee motivated, increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty,

  • Compliance with quality management system requirements and effective use of resources and continuous control of processes,​

  • Understanding the demands and expectations of customers, Satisfying the expectations properly and responding as quickly as possible. Ensuring customer satisfaction.​

  • Adoption of continuous improvement culture as corporate culture for all employees and managers​

  • In order to make its quality system sustainable, Seleda adopts a customer-oriented approach andcontinuously supports the development of the employees by providing trainings to increase quality awareness.​

  • Providing products and services to our lands by keeping up with the advancements in agriculture technology. Solution-oriented approach.