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The purpose of the 100% domestic and national SELEDA fertilizer, which has the largest integrated biogas plant in Europe, is to improve the soil of our country devoid of organic matter and to develop products that enable our farmers to obtain high efficiency. For this reason, in our integrated facilities established in Babaeski / Kırklareli in 2016 on an area of ​​250.000 m2; We produce organic and organomineral granules and liquid fertilizers that are easy to apply for farmers and offer them to the service of Turkish agriculture.


SELEDA Biogas and Fertilizer integrated facility and all production processes have been implemented with a completely zero waste vision, and the output generated at every stage of the facility is transformed into a value-added input. Approximately 1,050 tons of animal and agricultural sourced organic waste per day is fermented in the SELEDA Biogas facility and transformed into clean energy. Thus, it contributes to the prevention of environmental pollution caused by the irregular release of wastes to the nature.


Biogas output obtained as a result of fermentation and rich in enzymes and organic matter; It is processed in fertilizer production facilities developed by SELEDA Technology with 100% domestic engineering and transformed into liquid and granular fertilizers.


SELEDA; Although it has an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons of fertilizers; With the mission of bringing the lands of our country, which has become arid and lost its productivity as a result of the use of chemical fertilizers, to Turkish agriculture, it continues its activities by aiming at the future.

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